2025/26 VW ID.2/ID01: new teaser…

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The new teaser is completely different from the ID Life Concept we saw last year. Which was supposed to preview VW’s upcoming new smaller and more affordable ID model.
Although it does look much more like a smaller ID.3.
I’ve also heard rumors about the ID.Life designed being canned and VW was working on something totally different for their entry-level EV.
Which also seems improbable. Going back to square one would add years of delay to the project.
Maybe this new model will be even smaller than the ID.Life? Something like the Fiat 500 or Mini Cooper. Who knows…
It will be produced in Spain starting in 2025. A more squared-off Skoda version will also be produced at the same plant.
On another note, VW seems to be doing quite well with their new EV line since they are sold out for the year 2022. None of their electric models are available until next year in Europe and the US. Of course, this doesn’t really mean that demand is that incredibly high, as part shortages are mostly to blame. 
Once that gets better, they will be a formidable force in the EV market. As they’ve already sold about a third of what Tesla sold in Q1 2022. 
That’s for a company that wasn’t selling electric cars before 2020 (Except the slow-selling Golf E)


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  1. Since ID3 is their Golf EV, the ID2 should be a Polo equivalent. The ID Life might either be going be marketed in same segment as T-Cross I would say. Or it could be an eUp! replacement if smaller. As for costs and development since they all sit on same modular platform it won’t be that hard to switch designs. I’m sure they had more than 1 designs to choose from. And there is no definitely release date

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