Fisker Ronin: new teasers…

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Fisker has been busy in the past few days. Busy teasing us with a new model. 

While they haven’t produced one unit of the new Ocean yet, they have already announced a cheaper model, the Pear. And now this. Some new “4 door” convertible sports car.

Apparently, we will see the real thing at the end of next year. With production scheduled to begin in the second half of 2024. 

First, this doesn’t seem to be a full 4 door convertible. Since the top illustration shows one of these tiny 3rd door (There must be another one on the other side. ) More like the old Scion Coupe or Mini Clubman than a true 4-door. Which is still fine. As a roomy 4-seater, an electric convertible would be great news. And something quite unique.

The worst part is the rumored price of “around $200 000”. This means this will just be another millionaire toy and not really something that will help EVs market share. 

We’ll have to see how the Ocean turns out. I was actually pretty impressed when I saw it in person at the Los Angeles auto show last year. Especially for the base price of $37 500. This is under any of its competition. While still offering a 250 miles range. 

The best news is that it will be manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria. Which already builts the BMW 5 series, Jaguar I-Pace, and E-Pace. As well as the BMW Z4/Toyota Supra and Mercedes G-Class. 

I actually can’t wait to see the production version of the Ocean. A really great-looking design that is actually a bit cheaper than the competition. 

As for the Ronin. We’ll see a few around. Once in a while… (if it’s ever produced)

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