Kia EV9: new spy shot…

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It looks like the production version of the Kia EV9 Concept will stay pretty close to the original design.

Of course, the windows will have regular frames. The wheels will not be as strange-looking. But the general shape seems very close. Which might or might not be such a great thing for once.

I saw the Concept at the Auto Show and thought it was just too strange. And cheap looking. Like a weirdo idea from a design school. Maybe the real thing will end up looking a bit more like a giant Kia Soul. Or something…

If the design succeeds, Kia could have another EV hit on their hands. Since it will be one of the very first 3 rows electric SUVs. (The ridiculously small $3000 “3rd-row” seat option in the Tesla Model Y doesn’t really count, does it?)

Since the EV6 starts at around $42 000, this big guy could be priced at around $50 000 to start. Which, after incentives, would make it very competitive against non-electric large crossovers. 


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  1. First I would like to say, it is getting difficult to post a comment. Anyone who been trying, you have to click on "original website"

    Anyway as for the EV9 I like how they made the A Pillars more of that traditional Land Rover/Soul look. The greenhouse looks better in the production.This causes the roof to be a slant rather than straight. Kia and Hyundai need to properly test drive their future vehicles they have had way too many recalls lately. And the EV6 and Iqonic 5 have been recalled.

  2. So is this going to compete with the Rivivan and the Hummer EV? Also is this replacing the Mohave BOF in S. KOREA?

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