2023 Audi A6 e-Tron: production prototype Vs. Concept

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The Audi A6 e-Tron concept is a fantastic-looking sedan. These new spy shots above show us the camouflaged production version coming out in a few months.
Ad it does look really close to the concept. While looking great, the concept design isn’t really futuristic.  You’d hope Audi can translate it into production without too many changes (especially the fantastic-looking wagon!)
From the front end, we can already tell the hood of the production car is much larger. And the fake grille seems quite a bit thinner. And the split headlight design is different with a much larger lower unit on the production car.
It’s harder to tell anything from the profile shot, but it does look very close to the concept.
The A6 e-Tron will be based on the new PPE platform shared with Porsche. I’ve heard Audi has still mentioned there would be a new regular A6 sedan coming out next year, so this wouldn’t be a complete replacement of the A6 line. At least not yet…
Not sure how they will market this, but the current A6 starts at $56 000 in the US. This will probably end up being priced between the Tesla Model 3 and Model S. 
But again, the wagon will truly be the special one. With practically no competition out there…


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  1. the top pic makes it look like the new BMW corporate face, same type of split headlight / DRL combo minus the BMW kidney grille. same look, BTW as on the new Nissan Rogue

    it's the new "fashion" to split the headlights and tail lights. We will see more and more of it. the tail lights I find suboptimal, lots of Hyundai, Kias with the turn signals buried below the "bumper" while the stop lights are where you'd expect them to be.

    The lights are no longer fit for purpose, it's difficult to see both the tail and STOP lights and the turn signals, especially if you're close to the car in front. I miss the simplicity of the 80s when the EU cars had separate amber lights for indicators and red for tail and brake. So much simpler and effective..

    now they all have these large, elaborate LED clusters that turn on or off entirely or, worse, have the indicators buried in a small location under the bumper.

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