2023 Buick Envista: all-new compact SUV…

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It looks like Buick will soon enter the compact “Coupe SUV” market with the all-new Envista.
And yes, it does look a lot like the Electra X concept we saw a few days ago. Although they are not related at all since the Envista is not an EV. The Envista is basically our very first look at Buick’s new design language in a production vehicle. 
It will be powered by GM’s 1.5 Liter Turbo engine.
It’s not that small since it is almost the exact size as the Envision.
Not sure yet if this all-new model will be sold in the US or not. Since the pix above show the Chinese market version.
I guess it would be priced right below the Envision? Since it has a smaller engine?
Who knows…


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  1. Ugh. It's just a bunch of elements taken from other manufacturers.

    I can't wait until car designers move on from all this D pillar treatment.

  2. it's not bad looking just generic. could be made by Honda, Toyota, Lexus, etc. The worse thing is the "new" Buick logo, they removed the circle and just left the 3 shields, they look odd and misaligned, especially in the rear view .

    from a design standpoint, it's following the new trends which are not always great. Split headlights, split tail lights, no bumpers, bottom edge of rear hatch is at bumper level (minor fender benders will be expensive)

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