2023 Honda CR-V: a look inside…

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I have to say, this is pretty shocking. 
Now that the 2023 HR-V is basically a Civic SUV, I was expecting the new CR-V to have a different interior. But it looks almost exactly like the Civic.
At least Honda tried to make the 2023 HR-V interior a bit different. 
But they went the super lazy way with the new CR-V.
Sure, technically, the top part of the dash isn’t the exact same. The door panels and console are different. But to most people, this will look the same.
Maybe that’s what they were aiming for? Since the 2022 Civic interior got many praises?
(Although you know the CR-V was designed before the Civic actually came out…)
This is just really sad. A company like Honda, that used to be so innovative. The CR-V always had its own interior design, even if it wasn’t always that great. 
I just wonder if the 2023 Accord will gt this too. The cheapo/after-market-looking tablet stuck on the dash and the mesh vents. Again and again…


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  1. "At least Honda tried to make the 2023 HR-V interior a bit different." Really? I just watch a video of the HR-V and the interior looked almost exactly like this one.

  2. Surely their flagship, Accord, will go a different route for interior design, but only time will tell.

  3. Definitely a lazy copy/paste from civic, but that being said, I'm a big fan of this interior: Minimal gloss black plastic around touch points, physical controls and a shift lever. Will be interesting to see how lazy they were on the exterior.

  4. We've already seen most of the exterior. Which is very conservative. But will probably age better than the current version.

    I don't think they see the Accord as a flagship. Since both, the Pilot and Passport are more expensive. (A new Pilot is also due out next year.)

    I just test-drove the current CR-V (for some reason they had it in the fleet even though a brand new one is around the corner). And I think it has aged a lot. A new generation will be more than welcome. Although the worst part of the current one is the CVT (Besides the horrible sound system), and that will be carried over to the new one…

  5. I think this pic is the Sport trim. It looks like there's orange stitching on the seats. Maybe fake wood is returning to the other trims.

  6. In answer to the question about why the Passport isn’t more popular, the Passport is essentially a two-row Pilot that is more expensive. I think many potential buyers see the Pilot as a better value.

  7. Maybe not since the Accord isn't an almighty SUV. As far as I am concerned though, the Accord is and always will be Honda's (non-Acura) flagship.

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