2023/24 baby Jeep: new spy shot…

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This tiny-looking new Jeep model looks a lot like the EV concept they showed us late last year.
Or could it be even smaller?
Apparently, while it will also be offered as an EV, this new Jeep will use ICE powertrains as well. Since it is based on an existing Stelantis platform already used by Opel and Peugeot.
It is obviously smaller than the Renegade. But the Renegade is over 8 years old.
If this one ends up roomy enough, could it actually replace the Renegade?


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  1. love this one, hope it ends up looking like the yellow render. Needs to be EV or hybrid, PRICED right and hopefully they'll offer actual colors… tired of the shades of grey bookended by white and black.

  2. I like the looks of it but just wish it was built to be as dependable and reliable as a ten year old Toyota Corolla.
    Jeep/chrysler has too many recalls and too many issues.
    Instead of partnering up with Fiat/Opel/Peugot or Krusty Burger Int., it be great to see them go into partnership with Toyota or Honda , at least with their compact vehicles and suvs. Share the EV/hybrid technology, bring in reliable ICE engines and transmissions ….

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