2023/24 Honda Accord: new spy shots…

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 These new photos come from a Reddit user u/eddiegeezee. (Thanks to an “anonymous” reader who posted the link on a comment on this site)

The poster lists it as a 2024 model. But Honda has already told us the Accord would be new in 2023 (still could be a 2024 Model year…). For some reason, Honda has not officially mentioned the “regular” Accord, only the Hybrid. 

“Our path to electrification really accelerates this fall with higher volume sales of our all-new CR-V Hybrid and next year with an all-new Accord Hybrid”. This means the Hybrid option could be even cheaper than the $1200 extra they currently charge. Or maybe even standard on some versions? 

Toyota is already offering standard hybrid tech on both the Venza and Sienna. I think it would be a great idea for Honda to make the hybrid standard on the next Accord (which is probably what Toyota will do with the next Camry)

As far as what we can see in these photos, it actually looks pretty nice. I really like the design of the current Accord. So far, this doesn’t seem to ruin it.  I can’t wait to see more…

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  1. Glad to see they didn't take after the Civic and make the winshield rake more verticle. The front grille does appear to be a little more vertical. Kind of looks like they got rid of the rear staplers, and that's a very good thing. Can't wait to see the interior, and much more.

  2. Holy simoleons, Honda is on a tear! Their new CEO must have really lit a fire (and some cash) for product development. I dont necessarily love the designs, but they sure are doing it. New Civic, Integra, HRV…. CRV, Accord, Prologue is coming, etc…

    Been waiting for a Honda to purchase. Maybe new Accord hybrid will be what we get next. I can't wait to see more pics. I also like the pics of the silver base Integra without all the foolery. But we all know, Honda just isn't going to build those in the foreseeable future. They're barely building the A Specs…probably a shortage of black add-ons and Batman farts.

  3. The profile seems to be the most disappointing part.. looks exactly like a stretched Civic. At least the Civic-inspired front end looks finished this time, the grille actually seems integrated instead of a gaping hole that slid down into the bumper. And (what appears to be) a cleaner taillight and rear fascia shape makes up for the even shorter trunk lid and slopier rear roof and glass. I just hope it still has the "air" of the current-gen Accord, which has always looked larger and more expensive than it is.

  4. Interesting note – If you go back, you'll notice that the Japanese design group has taken over the recent products: Civic- world car (Japan), Integra – NA only (Japan), HRV – NA. but world car as ZRV (Japan).

    Prior to this, the Accord was designed in the US. and the TLX in the US. The Pilot was designed in the US. All have been sales disappointments. The CRV was designed by Japan, and has been a sales success.

    If the Japanese design the next Accord (I think they have), it'll be more simplified and more Honda-like than the US group's love of intersecting lines that became the Acura beak, Keen Edge, and the Precision Concept(courtesy of Dave Marek as Chief of Design). Let's hope this is the end of that nonsense.

  5. Honestly, if the Accord has the same interior, then there really wont be any reason to get one. I switched my 2016 Civic for a 2021 Accord, but if the 2024 front already has the horrible lights the corrent civic has, if it has that plastic front, then better save money and go back to the civic.

  6. Lol at the unknown comment – if it looks like the Civic in profile…that’s because the Civic mimics the current Accord’s profile. In other words, the profile is just an evolution of the current Accord.

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