2023/24 Toyota Crown: patent designs?

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I don’t know… These are all over the web today, but they don’t really look like patent designs to me. Just black and white versions of some of the illustrations we’ve already seen. Most patent drawings we’ve seen over the past few years don’t include that many details. (Like brand logos)

If these are true, they show a radically different car than previous Crown generations. This is rumored to be based on Toyota’s FWD platform. While the Crown was always RWD. 

It is also rumored to be hybrid only with a PHEV option. Which seems realistic since all-new Toyota and Lexus models are now mostly hybrids or PHEVs. At least the larger ones.

And there’s still that weird rumor about the new Crown being sold in the US in a few months. Replacing the Avalon. I guess why not. A raised upscale AWD hatchback would be cool. Although it could have quite a limited appeal. People love to compare this to the Honda Crosstour. Which was not popular. Although they still managed to sell over 21 000 of them in 2012, its best year. Which might be enough for Toyota. (They sold over 18 000 Avalons last year)

The standard Hybrid and available PHEV could make it more attractive. Still, this seems like a weird move. At the same time, it would be nice to see something different. And something that’s not an SUV.


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  1. when I saw this pic I thought I was looking at the recent Honda Insight … especially the front 3/4 view.

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