2024 Tesla CyberTruck: a look inside…

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This is, so far, the best picture I have seen of the upcoming Tesla CyberTruck interior.

And it is very spartan, to say the least.  Or “simple & futuristic” according to your point of view. I realize the Tesla Truck is going after a whole different audience than the classic full-size pickup, but this might just be too much (or not enough) for many. On top of that, the lack of a proper steering wheel might turn off quite a few potential buyers. 

At least, the interior design matches the exterior. Which is good. But unless the materials are top quality, this could end up looking like a super cheap interior in most cases. 

An, there’s the actual production problem. With ever-changing start dates. And no pricing (that was taken off the site a while ago) or specs. By late next year, there will be plenty of competition for people looking for an electric pick-up. Not only from the new Ford F-150 but the Silverado EV and even the Ram EV.  Tesla claims to have well over a million reservations for the truck. Who knows how many will be converted into actual sales once the competition is out.

I guess if you do want to get noticed, this will be the prime choice. At least for a while. 


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  1. The yoke alone would be an instant deal breaker. ALL of the competition has better interior designs. I have a feeling Tesla is going to have alot of reservation deposits pulled after this is seen.

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