2024 Toyota Prius: new illustrations…

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Not sure what’s going on with the future Prius, since we haven’t seen any prototype yet. But there will be a next-generation sometime next year.
The Prius is currently being squeezed in between Toyota’s regular hybrids like the Corolla and RAV-4/Venza. And the new all-electric BZ lineup.
And the hybrids are getting cheaper too. The hybrid version of the Corolla starts at around $24 000 while getting 52MPG!
The Prius is in need of some re-invention. As I mentioned before, a super-efficient PHEV with almost 100 miles of electric range for a reasonable price would put it back on the map.
What do you think the next Prius should be? 

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  1. If this is real, its not a bad update – decent shape overall. But anonymous from the rear.

    Toyota really needs to do something. They screwed up and made that awful looking current Prius, and left the Prius c to rot. Meanwhile, they diluted the brand by making EVERYTHING hybrid and then starting the BZ lineup (which is the worst name ever).

    If Toyota was smart, they would have moved the Prius lineup to electrics and let all their standard models become hybrid options. This new Prius needs to be wider, sleeker as a 4dr hatch hybrid – looks to compete with Tesla, better mileage and more powerful… even if its not all electric. Cuz not everyone wants a BEV.

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