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VW has just released a new teaser of their upcoming ID. Aero electric sedan. (top)
The production version of the new EV will be previewed later this month with a concept. (Shown in the teasers)
The production version (white prototype above) already looks very toned down from the official sketches, as expected.
The production model will be out next year and will come to the US as a competitor to Tesla’s Model 3 ad the Hyundai Ioniq 5. But unlike the Tesla or Hyundai, the VW will be a hatchback. 
It will be interesting to see how popular EV sedans that are not Teslas can be. Or if people just want a Tesla. Any Tesla, even a sedan.

As you can see, the upcoming EV is basically a sedan version of the ID Space Vizzion concept we saw back in 2019. With a very similar front end and the exact same tail lights.
The Space Vizzion interior was quite nice and upscale looking. Let’s hope it makes it to production.


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  1. Tesla has a real following. BUT, all those cars are about to hit 'a certain age' and as they age, the real test is going to come…. is it worth anything to trade-in? can they get serviced? The other makers largely have this already figured out. And Musk has a lot of other problems cropping up, like NHTSA. He's not going to bully his way out of the number of people liked using Autopilot.

  2. Manufacturer official sketches are the most completely worthless thing, when it comes to new vehicle introductions. They hardly ever look anything like their corresponding production designs.

  3. My first thought when seeing that spyshot was – "Honda!"

    All those creases and lines – it's not very attractive, although it should look a little better in production trim.

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