2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6: more photos of the US version…

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Hyundai just released official photos of the all-new 2023 Ioniq 6 electric sedan, and we’ve already seen the US version in spy shots.
Now we get to see what it looks like in white. And I hate to say, but it doesn’t look that great.
The white emphasizes the new amber turn signals and side markers. And all that black plastic trim looks like quite a mess on the white car.
That black trim line across the whole front end still doesn’t really work for me. Especially on white.


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  1. Can we please STOP with all this drama concerning the ‘black trim’ across the front of the Ioniq 6?

    If it’s not to one’s liking… Then Don’t Buy It..

    Personally, I find the overall design quite nice and the use of the thin ‘black trim’ across the front serves as a well-engineered solution to hiding all the required sensors featured on modern EVs.

    It’s certainly more aesthetically pleasing than the mass of black plastic on the front on something like Audi’s eTron GT, or the bottle-nose dolphin look of EVs with completely body-colored front fascias.

  2. Just not really feeling this design, especially the lower front fascia. It's a mismash of so many different design elements, that it just isn't very attractive to my eye. I felt completely different about the Prophecy concept. That was so amazing.

  3. I just don't get this car. Who is supposed to buy it? The Ioniq 5 starts around $45k, so this thing will be in the same $45-60k price range. For an odd looking sedan with a compromised trunk and probably no frunk.

  4. @Dough, I believe Autogefühl or one of the European Youtube car channals mentioned this will be less expensive than the IONIQ 5
    with 50 more miles of range.

    I drove the IONIQ 5 LTD, Genesis GV60, and KIA EV6, all wonderful experiences. The IONIQ 6 might make it more difficult.

  5. The Ioniq 5 looks amazing in pictures and in person. The concept of the Ioniq 6 looked great but this translation to production is terrible. Looks like a late 90s early 2000s Korean car, maybe the nice interior will be enough to save it, or maybe there will be a KIA/Genesis version that looks better.

  6. Why oh why did they add amber to the headlights light that? There is no need as it's white for parking and amber for turn already! The funny thing is, you know the rear turn signals are going to be needlessly red.

  7. Tim, they CAN'T make the black strip body color. There's a bunch of sensors in the strip. Can't make cameras body color. Gotta be behind clear or tinted plastic. So, you need a different solution.

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