2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6: the US version…

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The black car above shows what the US model of the new Ioniq 6 sedan will look like. 
You can see the mandatory side markets front and back. 
The front ones are in a weird place, ahead of the wheel arch.
Hyundai did a much better job on the Ioniq 5, where the front side markers are incorporated into the front light unit. And it looks like they could have done the same thing on the Ioniq 6. Weird…
Otherwise,  both versions look the same to me…


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  1. I believe you mean amber markers, yes they look ugly, and have no idea why they're needed in the US. Someone is making money or that idea.

  2. It looks like the US version has regular door mirrors instead of the camera units on the Korean version.

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