2023/24 Jeep Jeepster: new photo…

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We’ve seen the tiny new electric Jeep just a few days ago, and here it is again.

Looking as production ready as ever. I really hope this is coming over here. An affordable cute EV with personality could be a big hit in the US. Depending on the price, 220 miles or so would be acceptable. If charging is fast enough.

But as I mentioned earlier, this isn’t based on a new platform. And would need to be updated to get an acceptable range in the US.

Again. There is still hope…

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  1. They could be shopping for a better battery supplier for the US market.
    A sodium concentrate battery is smaller in size with greater range compared to today's standard.

    Being that this is built on an older platform means more profits for Jeep. If they can get above 220 miles and more like 300-320 miles Jeep could build this in Mexico next to the Compass for US supply as this model will become a great seller.

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