2023/24 Jeep Jeepster: Vs. the “concept”…

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The new small Jeep Jeepster EV will apparently look exactly like the concept we saw a few months ago. Which wasn’t a real concept but a preview of the production model.
(The only difference I can see is the black paint on the hood of the concept)
It is rumored to be based on Stelantis’s existing e-CMP platform. Not the all-new upcoming STLA platform. The e-CPM is already used for various Peugeot, Citroen, and Opel models.
So, not the latest technology. These models usually come with a 50kWh battery for around 200 miles of range in the European cycle.
Which isn’t great at all.
I wonder if improvements will be made to the platform, or if a larger battery could be installed.
I haven’t heard for sure if this is coming to the US or not. If it does, it will be a few inches shorter than the Renegade and should probably compete with the Chevy Bolt. Although it could be tough for Stelantis to match the Bolt’s new $26 000 base price…
From the spy shots above, it looks like they are already shooting promo stuff for the car. Which means we should see it pretty soon.


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  1. This looks like it will compete more with the Equinox EV which will likely hit the market around the same time as the Jeep.

  2. Apparently, this will be around 161 inches long. A lot smaller than the current Equinox. By about 22 inches. (Not sure if the Equinox EV will be that much smaller than the ICE model)
    It's actually a couple of inches shorter than the Bolt.

  3. This is what they said about it:

    "This would be the 100-kilowatt (136-horsepower) electric motor with a 50-kilowatt-hour battery pack that allows for more than 300 kilometers (482 miles) of range".

    There's no chance this unit will come to the US with just 136 hp.

  4. Plus, 300Km is NOT the equivalent of 482 miles.
    It's the reverse. 482Km is about 301 miles.

    Not sure where they get these numbers in the first place. As the Opel Moka with the 50k battery is rated at 322km in Europe. Which is about 200 miles.

    Either this is not coming here at all, or they're working on a larger battery.

  5. 301 Miles is pretty good but for such a small vehicle, I'd like to see more HP and range. A larger battery might do to trick. I just hope this "older" platform will do the trick, otherwise, they might have to cut into the interior (old Fisker long center console) to make room for the battery.

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