2023 GMC Canyon: new teaser…

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Since we just saw the all-new Chevrolet Colorado, a teaser for its close cousin, the GMC Canyon was expected. And here it is.
As usual, these two will basically be the same trucks. With different faces.
It seems the main change on the GMC is the headlights set up. And of course, a new version of the huge GMC geille.
For those who like things old fashion…

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  1. Really really bummed out by this. I was super excited last week when I saw the Colorado, and figured the canyon would be even sexier. So dissapointed GMC went with the split headlights- was really hoping for headlights similar to the Sierra (pre-facelift). Can honestly say the pre facelift Sierra was one of the best looking truck ever made. It had a garbage interior, but when they updated the interior (and knocked it out of the park) they ruined the front of it.

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