2023 Kia EV9: new illustrations…

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These new illustrations seem pretty realistic. Obviously based on the recent photos we just was a few days ago.
Showing a slightly toned-down design from last year’s concept from the Los Angeles Auto Show.
The production model still looks quite goofy. But at least, it won’t be a boring sight. This will surely stand out in a crowd of look-alike SUVs and crossovers.


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  1. Yes, the EV did look a bit odd mostly due to the really large windows.
    If they're smart they would make the rear passenger windows dark along with the rear window as standard.

  2. Few if any 3 row family friendly E SUV's out there or ones coming that will be somewhat affordable. If it comes with 300 mile range, fast charging, and an interior design and size that's up to Telluride standards, I think this thing could hit the sweet spot, and other manufacturers will be playing catch up.

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