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All I have to say is that I was expecting more. More than a sculpture.
Acura is indeed hard at work on a new EV SUV based on the Honda Prologue. Both using GM’s Ultium platform. Which will give them similar proportions to the new Chevrolet Blazer EV. Looking more like a sporty wagon.
The concept above is supposed to give us an idea of the future Acura design language for EVs.
And it’s just OK. A blend of many things we’ve seen before.
(I know I’ve seen this roof line with the chrome thingy before but I can’t remember where)
The shark-like front-end design is pretty cool. At least, no more huge grille. But also, goodbye to front bumpers forer=ver?
Let’s hope this becomes something really nice. Not sure if it will be ready on time to replace the RDX or not. 


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  1. I am a Honda/ Acura fan, but this does not do it for me. The front end looks like the bow of a large boat the way it protrudes forward. Does not look right for a car.

  2. The roofline chrome thing is the same as the Honda Odyssey minivan! Cribbing their own design.

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