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Even though we have seen prototypes before, these are the first photos of the new Toyota electric sedan without any camouflage.
The model above is scheduled for the Chinese market, where it could be competing with the Tesla Model 3 and many other Chinese models.
And it looks exactly the same as the “EV Sedan Concept” we saw last year (2nd pic)
Which is quite amazing, and makes you wonder how many other concepts introduced last year were actually very realistic previews of upcoming production cars.
The bZ3 sedan is actually a little bit longer than the bZ4X SUV sold in the US. And is powered by a Chinese BYD motor and uses BYD batteries. At least for the Chinese market.
It will be interesting to see if the new sedan will end up being sold in North America and Europe.


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  1. so basically that Toyota EV event just showed the actual cars they will build, not concept cars. I hope the wheels are bolted on better on this one

  2. What is Toyota going to do WHEN… not IF…
    1. the Toyota Crown (that this is based on) fails? And it will fail
    2. Toyota can't make an EV that they can actually build and produce a reasonable number of units, without a stop-sale order and massive recalls?

    And Subie and Mazda have tied their horses to this fail wagon too.

  3. The Japanese don't care about this phase in the EV game. They're more concerned about solid-state battery tech.

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