2023 Cadillac CT-6: new interior…

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While the CT-6 sedan isn’t sold in the US, it continues its career in China. Where it will be getting some substantial changes for the new model year.

And these changes include a brand new interior. As you can see, things do look all new in there. With a much more upscale look and feel. Including the great curved screen from the Lyriq and Escalade.

We will never see this in the US. But the XT-4 is also getting a new interior in a few months. One that will also include the curved screen.

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  1. it's getting a new interior because it's a new generation – entirely new exterior too

  2. Put the Black Wing engine in it, the AirRide dampers from the Escalade, and you have a car that is truly a legit competitor to the full-size luxury cars from Germany. Cadillac should definitely import this to the US.

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