2023 Subaru Crosstrek: new video teaser…

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Subaru will show us the next-generation Crosstrek in a couple of weeks. We have basically seen it before covered in camouflage.
And the car in the teaser is showing that exact same model.
Let’s hope they don’t ruin the Crosstrek. The current version looks really nice and cute. That’s mostly why it’s so popular. That and the attractive price and useful AWD system.
Subaru sold over 127 000 of them last year alone. Not sure if cousin, the Impreza will be redesigned as well. Or if it will be scrapped from the US lineup. The Impreza is basically the same car, without all the plastic cladding. And a lower height. Offered in both hatchback and sedan. Subaru sold only 34 791 0f these last year…
People really like that fake SUV look on a compact hatchback. 

This is the prototype we saw just a few months ago (hit the link to see more)

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  1. With the exception of the BRZ, Subaru is the one auto manufacturer I never get excited about when they unveil a redesigned model. I am always so let down in the end.

  2. It looks nice. I originally wanted a Crosstrek, but decided I didn't need the extra height and cladding and went with an Imprezza instead. I bought a 22 as I have a suspicion that the Imprezza won't see a new generation, at least in North America. The Crosstrek out sells it by such a wide margin and I'm sure Subaru makes much bigger profits on it that I don't think it makes much sense to keep both in the line up. I'm betting the Legacy will disappear here soon, too, making Subaru an all SUV line (with the exception of the BRZ.)

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