2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV: more photos…

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These are probably photos of the LT2 or LT3 version.
We saw the base model earlier. And the RS versions all have a blacked-out grille.
Plus, the white roof option is available on LT2 and LT3.
Since the LT1 model will start at around $30 000, it is fair to guess a well-optioned LT2 or LT3 like the one pictured above could cost around $40 000.
Which would mean an actual cost of under $30 000 in most states after incentives. (It would be over $11 000 where I live)
And that would be a game-changer pricing for an EV. 
The new Equinox EV seems to be a few inches longer than the new 2023 Honda CR-V.
The new Honda will probably start at around $28/29 000. Which will be about the same price as a loaded Equinox EV after incentives.
I really think this new EV will truly compete with most ICE models and prove EVs don’t have to be more expensive.
The base Equinox EV could even be under $20 000 after incentives. While still offering all the safety tech and a 250 miles range standard. 
For less money than a basic Nissan Kicks!
It also makes you wonder where the “regular” ICE Equinox will fit in all that…
Or if there will even be a next generation.


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  1. Hopefully Chevy is going about this in a smart way, realizing that they can't just make the jump to EV and expect everyone to follow. For these large volume vehicles (compact SUV, compact car), let's hope they're including options such as ICE, and Volt-like PHE offerings.

  2. This looks really good (especially the blue and white roof combo).

    Sadly, with the demise of Holden the Equinox is no longer sold here in Oz.

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