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Honda has only released official photos of the Sport Touring version of the all-new 2023 CR-V.
Showing its intention to make the CR-V look a bit more outdoorsy. Which is kind of ridiculous. Since no matter what, this won’t look like a Ford Bronco. I also think it doesn’t match what people want in a CR-V. 
There are 4   versions of the new CR-V:
EX. EX-L, Sport and Sport Touring. 
As you can see, the regular Touring is gone. The top of the line is now their Sport Touring pictured here (with these tacky black wheels)
Honda has claimed they will push the Hybrid versions of the new CR-V and upcoming new Accord.
For 2023, the Hybrid powertrain is standard on Sport and Sport Touring, but not available in EX or    EX-L.
So if you want to save gas, you also have to get the fake off-road look. (And the black wheels?)
The exterior is more formal than before. Following Honda’s trend of “flatter hoods” with their new generations of cars and crossovers. And a larger panoramic sunroof is still not available in the US.
Otherwise, the EX and EX-L get the same 1.5 Liter as before. And the Hybrid loses a little bit of power while producing a bit more torque.
The current CR-V was in desperate need of an upgrade. The new HR-V is surprisingly upscale and refined. Which means the new larger CR-V could feel much more upscale and refined than ever before. 
I just don’t get the new Sport versions. And especially not offering the Hybrid option for all versions…
More info and pix very soon.


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  1. Dead ringer for a VW Tiguan. This is NOT an improvement. At this point, there's no reason to think the Accord's interior will be far from the rest of the new gen Honda's. It's good for sure, but they are starting to wear it out. Lol

  2. Honda's dilemma has been the need to add more content, but also reduce the number of trims. Especially now in the post-pandemic cuckoo car market, having fewer total vehicles to produce, they want to get the most income from each.

    Enter the success of the SPORT trim. I now consider the EX to be the bottom trim. And the SPORT is just the Honda version of Acura's A-Spec. Its not necessarily the top trim, but it gives some appearance niceties that up the purchase price and the cache (there's a rarely used word these days) of the vehicle without going full top trim and price. People seem to really respond. Get a little extra, get some bling – or in this case, some black plastic and wheels. I personally am tired of the black trim packages. But they are popular. The EX-L and the Sport Touring are for the rest of us. And, wheels are easy to change (or even paint silver metallic).

  3. Get ready to get sick and tired of seeing this design in the next few months as everyone will want to have one. Not me.

  4. Why do all these automakers think that their modern day station wagon need to look off road ready? We all know that's never going to happen. Subaru can get away with it because their customers are crazy enough to actually go off road with their cars.

  5. @ Doug – bcuz people think they're going to war when they get in their vehicles these days. So they need be to tougher than the next guy, while driving to the grocery store. But then, I live in a big snow state where out of control raised-pickup road rage is a regular part of daily driving entertainment.

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