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Somehow, Honda gave me the opportunity to drive the CR-V for a week. I say “somehow”, because the current CR-V is at the end of its life. A brand new redesigned 2023 model is coming out in just a few weeks. 
But, I had never driven the current CR-V before. And since it is one of the best-selling vehicles in the US, I was always curious about it. 
With over 360 000 sold last year, this 6-year-old model is still a huge hit for Honda. These things are literally everywhere you look. Which is kind of a strange feeling. Driving the exact same thing everyone else seems to be driving…

I was driving a loaded Touring AWD model costing a bit over $37 800 including destination.
Not cheap…
The familiar interior still looks pretty good after 6 years. Everything feels very solid with quality materials.
Except for the rather strange wood trim that has a weird orangy satin finish.
A few things do remind you this is something that came out in 2016.
Like the smallish infotainment screen with a huge black bezel around. (That space could house a much larger useable screen area)
The super clunky (and noisy) shifter. 
The old-timey button for the trip odometer reset.
The slow interface.
This actually feels more like buying a very nice used car than a brand new one.
But I also realize all these issues will be fixed in the 2023 model.

To me, the worst part of the current CR-V interior is the sound system.
It is a 9-speaker unit. And one of the worst sounding I have ever experienced. I am not a bass nut, but this system doesn’t have any. First time ever I had to crank the base all the way up. And it was still just OK.
It is also not very loud at all. Overall, it is shockingly bad, especially in a “top of the line” $38 000 model. The excellent Bose system in the 2022 Civic Touring is 100 times better than this.
Of course, I do realize, again,  this will probably be fixed in the upcoming 2023 model which will most likely use the same system as the Civic.

Even in the Touring model, the center armrest isn’t adjustable. And there is a strange open area underneath it. Where you can’t really leave anything since it is always exposed.

There is a lot of room in the back and cargo area. The floor is almost as flat as in an EV. Which is very nice. ( I could fit all of my cherished Disco Balls)
The CR-V’s ride is very comfortable. Especially on the freeway. The car feels very solid and well planted on the road. In true Honda fashion, the steering is much better than most other crossovers this size.
The CVT remains the main issue. Zapping most of the 1.5 Liter Turbo and basically, deciding how fast you will be going.
On the other side, the CR-V is rated at 28/34MPG. Which is pretty much what I got (28/36)
Not bad at all for a very roomy non-hybrid SUV.
The CR-V is still a great choice. Although it is getting a bit old in some ways. Plus, the fact that a brand new one is coming out very soon doesn’t help.
The 2023 model will be based on the same platform and will use the same powertrain. 
It will fix all the small issues I have with the current one (Except the CVT)
Which makes the current 2022 model a pretty tough sale. Especially in current times. Dealers won’t have the new one for a long so and they’ll be hard to get for quite a while. And there will be crazy mark-ups from these crooks.
Used ones are still a bit cheaper, and basically the same as a new 2022 model. (Just saw 2018 Touring for $32 000 on CarMax…)


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  1. I always had a hunch Vince Burlapp is really Disco Stu.
    The disco ball in the back seat of this Honda CRV confirms my suspicions .
    By the way, nice review. I can tell you like this vehicle.
    Disco Stu approves!

  2. We have one. Its a decent car. Does what its supposed to. But that CVT ! I want to yell GO ALREADY every time I drive the spouse's car. And the seats. After an hour, I'm ready to get out. The infotainment seems wonky, and I know that'll get fixed. We'll see what they do about the rest.

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