2023 Honda CR-V: first official teasers…

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Today, Honda released 3 teaser photos of the next-generation CR-V for 2023.
(Looking almost exactly like the Chinese model we just saw)
And not saying much:
“Rugged and sophisticated design. Increased versatility. A more advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience and more capability. The next generation of Honda’s most popular SUV is on its way. More information on the all-new 2023 CR-V will drop this summer as Honda continues its “Year of the SUV”.”
All this PR talk basically tells us it will be a bit larger and more powerful. With a revised hybrid powertrain.
I also notice the photos are all of the Hybrid version. Honda has mentioned a few days ago that a “new Accord Hybrid” was also on its way. Strange they didn’t just mention “the 2023 Accord”. 
This would make us think the new 2023 Accord could be a Hybrid model only in the US.
With these new teasers, I also wonder if this new CR-V could also be a hybrid-only model.
As far as the Accord is concerned, I think it would be a really good move to make it hybrid only. Since sales are slowing down. Anything to make it stand out would be welcome.
The regular models of the CR-V are very popular. But the Hybrid option is around $1200 more on the Accord and CR-V.
Maybe they found a way to reduce the cost of the hybrid and make it standard on both?
 Who knows…


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  1. Thanks for posting this… I'm always interested in what Honda is doing. Here is a paste from the following source links below, where it appears two officers of Honda NA have stated that the CRV will be available as gasoline and hybrid, with a higher supply % of the CRV being the hybrid form. So, both.

    Styling wise, it looks like it splits the design difference between the HRV and the Pilot. I doubt it will grow much or add a 3rd row. Like the Civic, it's going to be a reskin and mechanicals update, with the difference in length largely due to a couple inches accommodating a new bumper design.

    The interesting comment about the Accord Hybrid is made in the context of addressing Honda's electrification strategy. Here's my guesses:
    * Honda will move away from the current 3 drivetrain options (1.5T, 2.0T and the 2.0L-Hybrid) in the Accord, and offer two.
    * If they're making the CRV hybrid more sporty and powerful, this drivetrain will replace the 2.0T in the Accord, making the Accord hybrid the more expensive/powerful option and the lower cost 1.5T gas only lower trims.
    * Honda will reduce the number of total trims available in the Accord.
    * Acura will revise its mission statement AGAIN. Previously "the future BEV brand of Honda" to become the %100% electrified performance brand.
    But we'll see. Honda is very conservative in their movement.

    Chris Bruce, Motor1

    "We're doubling down in 2022 with what we're calling the year of the SUV where we are introducing an all-new HR-V, CR-V, CR-V Hybrid, and Pilot just this year," Jessica Fini, senior manager of public relations at American Honda, said during the presentation.

    Mamadou Diallo, vice president of auto sales at American Honda, announced a couple more vehicles on the way. "Our path to electrification really accelerates this fall with higher volume sales of our all-new CR-V Hybrid and next year with an all-new Accord Hybrid. And in the future, we will re-introduce the Civic Hybrid," he said.

  2. Thanks for all this info! It does make a lot of sense. Honda really needs to push their hybrids in the US.
    They are just way too slow to react to the market. Acura also really needs hybrids too.
    Not sure how they'll be doing in the next 3 or 4 years.

  3. a couple interesting notes-
    They've apparently decided not to use the e:HEV name in the US. Just "hybrid". I wonder if that says something about the battery size and programming that would otherwise allow longer electric=drive only mode.

    Also, does that look like an intercooler in the lower grill (front pic)?

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