2023 Honda CR-V: leaking…

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These new photos of the next-generation CR-V match the spy shots we have seen before. And especially the patent design illustrations I posted earlier
So this is it.
Looking like a cross between the current CR-V and the Pilot. Kind of… Which means, nothing really new.
This will be a very conservative redesign of Honda’s most popular model in the US. Fear being the main reason for this timid endeavor.
Fear of not being as popular as the current version. 
I just wonder if that “all-new but not looking new” look will work with that many buyers. There will be the usual media blitz. Test drives from everyone, ads everywhere. Then, a few weeks later, it will just look like everything else on the road. 
Everything else from a few years ago…


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  1. Man, Honda is getting more and more conservative, with every new model it introduces. Makes me really worry about the next gen Accord. Their design engineers must be benchmarking Subaru or something. 🤦‍♂️

  2. I've heard about a 3rd-row seat too. A while ago.

    You are right about the Pilot. I forgot about it.

  3. This looks so plain Isn't this a popular SUV segment? So you have the new Sportage, a redesigned Equinox EV, Rav 4, and this is the best Honda can come up with?

  4. Honda has had a 3rd row seat in the CRV in Asian markets for a while now. Its not new. Its just not considered big enough to do that in the US/Europe. I don't think that means this is becoming stretched to become a larger vehicle. It will be based on the existing model. Like the Civic, small gains of a couple inches in the front and rear are possible without altering a lot about the major structure and sub-assembly.

    The styling is pretty blah. God, I hope it gets better when it comes stateside. Those taillights look very Chevy-like. And, girl, that's no compliment. The front resembles a Mazda, for people who didn't care enough to be bothered with coming up with their own design. Maybe its the white…idk. Blehk!

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