2023 Honda CR-V: this is it…

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We’ve all seen the next generation CR-V last year in numerous spy shots of prototypes driving around (bottom pic)

Now we get to see the final design in this new patent illustration. Which, of course, matches exactly the prototype.

As expected, it is a more conservative design. Similar to what they did with the 2022 Civic sedan. Which will probably keep the CR-V popular. By not offending anyone. Except the few who were expecting something a bit more original or even more modern than the current one.

Engines are expected to be the same as the current generation. This means the good old 1.5 Liter Turbo with a Hybrid option. Unfortunately, this also means the CVT will be the only transmission available, again.

 I haven’t heard of a PHEV coming anytime soon. Which is too bad. 

As you can see, this is a very different design than the upcoming 2023 HR-V. The new CR-V is trying to look a bit more like the larger Pilot. While the HR-V seems to be its own thing. 

No info on when we’ll see this, but it should be after the HR-V. Since Honda has already teased the smaller model. With over 361 000 of them sold last year, a new generation CR-V is a huge deal for Honda.


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  1. Honda is trying to re-live their glory days, by regressing in design I am afraid. I really hope the new Accord doesn't follow in this trend.

  2. Notice how the patent drawings are smaller than the prototypes tested in Europe… Different sizes for continents?

  3. I like it. Sick of trendy, silly angles and giant grills like Toyota. Good, classic design always wins in my book. VW mostly does that and why I'm on my fourth one.

  4. Bland, but I am fine with that compared to their current CR-V. Honda's best selling products were all bland designs. Much better than anything Toyota has been designing.

  5. It will only be a small revision on the prior CRV, just like the Civic. Honda is putting real development into electrics and further hybrids (they know the last crop of hybrids wasn't class leading). Besides, ICE is kinda at its end. Last call, y'all.

  6. What are you talking about? Lines up with the spy shot that is clearly a European tester based on the plate size…

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