2023 Honda HR-V: official illustrations Vs. the real thing…

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Honda just released 2 really cool illustrations of the upcoming 2023 Honda HR-V for the North American market.
The one released last year was for the rest of the world.
Although I didn’t believe Honda would come up with a totally different design for us, they did. 
I still think it is a weird and very costly move. Just like they did years ago with the Accord and Civic.
I guess they don’t mind spending all that money instead of figuring out one model that everyone would like around the world.
Like everyone else seems to be able to do…
The illustrations look great. Even remind me of old 1960’s stuff from Disney Studios.
But of course, they do look better than the real thing. 
As you can see on these prototype photos I published a few weeks ago (HERE and HERE)
the real thing looks rather lumpy.
I know the camouflage doesn’t help. But still. These illustrations are what they are supposed to be: better looking than the real thing.
I am also surprised at the super generic design with zero Honda design cues. The current Honda grille and headlight design is all gone. Which makes the new HR-V look more like a Ford than a Honda.
And the rear end actually looks more like a Mazda.
From what we’ve already seen of the next Pilot and CR-V, it looks like these will still have a familiar Honda front end. Where the grille is connected to the headlights with horizontal chrome trim on top.
Maybe this will be the “Honda for those who don’t like Hondas”???
From these earlier spy shots, you can also tell there will be 2 powertrains. The car with the concealed exhaust is probably a Hybrid.

Honda did a good job with their camouflage trying very hard to make the new HR-V prototypes ugly and generic. Let’s hope the real thing does look much better.  Even if it will never be as good as these illustrations…

(Thanks to a reader for the tip!)


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  1. You were right its a Honda. On another site they are saying its riding on the more premium Civic Platform. Better ride and handling than on the Fit platform. So no, Honda is not crazy putting this on an already paid for Civic platform. Cha Ching on every HRV sold.

  2. Weird and costly. But I like whatt they're doing probably bcuz I'm maybe someone that would consider this – but didn't consider the prior HRV due to its torsion bar rear suspension. It was very bouncy at highway speeds hitting bumps. The Civic should be a better platform to ride on.

    So why not have just one worldwide? My guess is that the US is so different, that it warrants that. We dont want small – the HRV was Fit based, and that didn't return. ROW loves superminis like the Fit/Jazz, and it makes sense. They usually travel shorter distances and at lower speeds with a few exceptions. Second, the ROW is further ahead on electrics – where smaller makes more efficient use. Honda is still catching up on this, so I'd call this separate NA-only HRV a tweener vehicle (between now and when their full electric capabilities mature).

    Either way, I can't wait to see it unveiled. Also the new CRV (let's just call it heavily revised, like the new Civic) and hopefully Accords should be coming soon also.

  3. The drawing looks nice. It definitely looks a lot like a Ford from the front. Though I realize those headlights are supposed to be similar to the Civic and Accord. It's supposed to be a corporate design amongst Honda vehicles. But in this drawing it really just looks like a Ford.

  4. I hate that I have to agree with anonymous 8:51am.. but it actually would make sense to design a completely different HR-V for the US market if it is actually based on the Civic platform instead of the Fit, since they no longer offer the Fit here. Also, the common platform would allow easier and cheaper US production, which I don't think the previous Fit or HR-V ever were.

  5. Fit and HRV were produced in Mexico for the US market. So yes, they were produced here.

    Honda's biggest problem is taking a great sketch, and dragging it across an existing structure until its proportions are all wrong, and people ask "what happened?" ! This sketch looks canted forward and aggressive in back…. real car is minimized and droopy. Let's hope it doesn't look so sad when the wrap is off.

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