2024 Ford Mustang: the good pix…

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In these new photos, there is no doubt the 2024 Mustang is a good-looking car.
Although the hints of the BMW 4 series seen in the previous photos have been replaced with a taste of the current Camaro. Especially on the convertible.
Not really sure that’s a good thing…
It is still pretty close to the current car. And the new interior is quite busy looking. I still don’t like the big center vents and cheap-looking switches underneath. And that interior is now empty of any Mustang DNA. It could be any car sold today. (Except of course for the Mustang badge)
Which is a bit sad.
As expected, the 2.3 Liter Ecoboost and 5.0 Liter V8 return. Same thing for the 6-speed manual and the 10-speed auto.
The 2024 Mustang goes on sale next summer.
I am curious to see the real thing in person. maybe the interior is better in the flesh.
I still think that no matter what, in just a few years, this “new” Mustang will age pretty rapidly.
The new Dodge Charger EV is quite stunning. And EV infrastructure is improving fast. Especially with Tesla chargers opening up to other brands soon.
A Mustang (or any other car) with absolutely zero electrification will be a tough sale. Sooner than we think…


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  1. still no sunroof on the coupe? that's a letdown! Not everyone wants a convertible but they do enjoy more light and a partially open roof once in a while

    the new car looks like a reskin of the old, Vince is right, there are strong hints of the Camaro in the rear 3/4 view

    bottom of door and rocker panels look quite busy, lots of lines and creases for very little reason. The top half of the car is executed a lot better. Not sure the front is better than the old car, it just seems a lot more square and has a bigger opening for the radiator

    the interior is most disappointing, I get that they had little budget and it shows. aside from the wide screen, most of it seems a carryover from the old car.. weird integration of the screen to the dash itself, rear screen gaps to the overall trim. Why?? still no electronic parking brake, they still have the old style handle.

    in the end, if it's priced right, it will be an attractive car – if anything for the rental fleets. I rented MANY 2020-2022 mustangs over the years. They are actually A LOT of fun to drive (incl the 4cyl!) plus the old digital dash. for under $30K it's a bargain performance car!

    unfortunately, I live in the NE where this car is no viable for our winters. but have seen MANY of them in Florida, Hawaii, etc.

  2. It looks better when photographed in natural light, compared to the motor show pics.

    Perhaps not as bad as I'd feared…

  3. Certainly not the prettiest Mustang, but at least Ford kept the proven ICE powerplants and didn’t turn it into another soulless and derivative State-mandated appliance.

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