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We will see an all-new-generation Ford Mustang in just 10 days.
So far, the camouflaged prototypes show a shape that is very close to the current model.
We have seen a couple of uncovered spy shots of the real thing, inside and out. But it all looks so similar to the current car.
All we have seen so far is the front end.
Most illustrations seem to think the rest of the car will not change that much from the one we have now. Which would really be too bad.
Even though they call it a new generation, it seems it could just be a reskin of the current car. Like the 2010 model was.
Engines are rumored to be similar as well. With the 2.3 Liter and 5.0 Liter V8.
There is even a rumor about a possible hybrid version being canceled.
Again, this would be too bad. And would really make this “new” Mustang age rather quickly against the truly new 2024 Dodge Charger EV.
And who knows what GM has planned for the Camaro. Whatever it is, it won’t be the same car we have now.

IMO< none of the illustrtions above look as good as the current car, which came out back in 2014.

And still looks great tot his day.


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  1. Let's see if Dodge even builds their "truly new 2024 Dodge Charger EV", or if this ends up on Dodge's pile of very cool concepts they end up never producing. And as for what GM has planned for the Camaro, there's a very good chance it'll be a 4-door crossover. The Ford Mustang has little to worry about from them.

  2. The current model Mustang has aged very well indeed. It looks like Ford's decided to play it safe and not do anything that might upset its popularity.

    It's probably sensible to adopt a short-medium term approach based around current ICE technology, while developing an electric replacement. As the previous poster says, who knows what the Mustang's competition will look like in a couple of years?

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