2024 Jeep Recon: video…

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This is a short (but sweet) video of the all-new Jeep Recon.
You get to see just a little more than on the official photos. But not much. Nothing yet about the interior, except the seats. You can actually see the version in the video has cool cloth seats and not leather.
Which is very nice. 
otherwise, I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to see more…

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  1. Ralph Gilles is an excellent designer. Now that Jeep is under Stellantis we should hopefully see more of his great work.

    The Recon does remind me of the following design though: Bronco Sport, Hummer H3, Defender, and even the Toyota Compact Cruiser which I hope we see more of.

    User JPN mentioned in the past article on this model that a longer and shorter variant will be available? I'd love to see this in a 2 door.

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