2024 Kia EV9: a look inside…

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Strange to see a Kia EV9 prototype still covered in so much camouflage, when Kia showed us much more just a little while ago.
By publishing photos of a prototype with very little camouflage showing almost the whole thing…
Inside, it will, of course, be very different from the crazy concept we saw last year. The screen seems much taller and not as wide. Mostly because there are probably 2 of them instead of one in the concept. 
Too bad car production is still so messed up these days. It’s hard to tell if a car would be popular otherwise. (I haven’t actually seen a Honda CR-V )
It would be very interesting to know if, in normal times, such an odd design would be popular. Also interesting is what probably will be the very first ‘affordable” 3 rows EV.
Kia is still introducing lots of new models these days, although most of them are very hard to get. Which insane markups.
I guess Honda and many others are in the same boat…
It’s just strange to see so many new models introductions while the cars are so hard to actually purchase…


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  1. The A-pillars have much more rake in the production model than in the concept. Which is odd, because it's usually the other way round!

  2. Just saying… I'm never gonna buy a KIA or a Hyundai product. I've had far too many of them as rentals for work travel. They all sucked, and now I also associate them with cheap smells and cigarette smoke. Its never gonna happen. I'd buy a GM before that'll happen.

  3. Hyundai and Kia cant be all that bad now. The Telluride is the 5th selling SUV in America. Now GM can't be all that PERFECTLY good if so, why is it that Saturn, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac aren't here anymore? Didn't the original Genesis out do the Pontiac G8? And um it is also interesting how they let Isuzu and Saab go?

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