2024 Mustang Turbo: new video…

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This is what the base 2.3 Liter Turbo Mustang looks like for 2024. 
You notice it has a different front end from the GT. As usual. And, also, as usual, it will be the best seller of the new generation. As the GT has become a much more expensive proposition in the past few years.
(It’s currently about $10 000 more than the base Ecoboost model.)
And of course, the horrible gas mileage isn’t helping.
As we’ve seen earlier, the basic model will get terribly cheap-looking double tablet screens inside. While the “Premium” interior gets the wider double screen set up.
While that Premium option comes with many other features, like a nicer interior, better-looking wheels etc… It’s also about $5000 more than the basic car…

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  1. I am not sure the music goes well with the Video, Vince. Perhaps Heavy Metal.

  2. You have any videos of the new mustang driving over a tall cliff, crashing into a canyon ravine and exploding into a huge fireball?
    You know, just like the big truck in the movie Duel? 🙂

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