2024 Toyota Prius: new illustration…

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 This is pretty good-looking. Especially for a Prius. The whole thing seems more grown up and less overdone. Unfortunately, this is just an illustration. Some wild guess.

Who knows what the next-generation Prius will look like. Or even what it will be. With EVs popping out left and right, and Hybrids everywhere, the Prius is becoming more irrelevant.

It really needs to be reinvented and push the envelope. There is still a big market for people who want to save gas without going full EV yet. The next Prius should really be some kind of a fantastic PHEV. With well over 60 miles of EV range. It needs to make the news. Again. It needs to be something no one else offers.

Apparently, we could see the all-new model as soon as December. We’ll see…

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