2023/24 Mini SE: new illustration…

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This illustration of the second-generation Electric Mini Cooper looks like a cross between the current model (Especially the wheels) and the spy shots on an uncovered prototype we saw almost a year ago. No matter what, I really don’t think they’d use the exact same wheels…

So, nothing really new. Since we already know what it’ll look like. We also know the next generation EV will be built in China. While the next-generation ICE Minis will still be coming from Europe. And this 2-door electric mini will be joined by the all-new 4-door Aceman EV. Also built in China. Not sure how these Chinese-built models will be dealing with tariffs and lack of federal incentives. Which could make them quite expensive in the US. Maybe BMW will find a way to build them over here in one of their existing factories.

Who knows…

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  1. The all-new 4-door Aceman EV should be made in the US at BMW’s S. Carolina factory or they can even build it in Mexico as the plant has proven to set high standards for building the 2 Series and M2. I’m not a fan of cars being made outside their native land but that’s the trend for them to save money.

  2. The new electric cooper won’t have the wheel arch cladding. We know that from the China spy pics and the fact that they keep talking about a paired back design with a cleaner more simple appearance. This picture is nonsense.

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