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The current Ford Escape came out in 2019. A mid-cycle refresh is a natural progression for 2023.

The front end is totally new. But somehow, looking a bit old to me. Maybe it’s the shape of the grille. I think the previous design was actually a bit more original.

Inside, some versions now have a huge 13.2 screen. Which almost looks ridiculous. And seems to sit so high it might just block some of the view ahead…

Otherwise, you still get the choice of a 1.5 Liter Turbo or a larger 2.0 Liter. That interior is black only on the base model. Gray is available in higher trims. That’s really not too many choices…

Hybrid and PHEV versions are still available.

The revised Escape starts at $29 000. Only a little bit more than last year. Which isn’t much less than a base Bronco Sport which comes standard with AWD. And 1000% more personality.

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  1. This refresh is what the Escape should have looked like all along. The smiley face front pre refresh was a huge turnoff to many people. I can almost guarantee that this one change alone will surely lead to an increase in sales.

  2. That was a smiley face? Really? Huh. The more I live the less I understand what people perceive.

  3. Complete with brake light turn signals….ugh. Luckily my Bronco Sport has amber, but as Ford always does, will make them red for 2024.

  4. Well Nigel, since your are such a smarty pants… how would you describe the previous front end? Car and Driver also referred to it as a smiley fascia in their article about the 2023 changes. What say you?

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