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After the Niro Hybrid and PHEV, a few days ago Kia announced pricing for the new 2023 EV version.

It’ll start at $40 745 for the base Wind model. And $5000 more for the better-equipped Wave version. Which is about $5000 more than the PHEV versions.

For 2023 the Niro EV has a slightly better range with 253 miles. The charging rate is only up to 85kW. Which is better than the Bolt, but it still takes about 45 mn to charge from 10 to 80%. I think the new 2023 Kia Niro EV is in a tough spot. And I really don’t think it’ll be that popular. A loaded BOLT EUV, with a panoramic Sunroof, leather, Bose, etc… Is about $36 000 these days. Sure, it charges a bit slower. But it does have a bit more range. And it’s available with the new federal discount. It’s already $4000 less than the basic Niro EV, without the discount. Depending on your state, a loaded Bolt EUV (without Super Cruise) could cost you around $15 000 less than the base Niro EV.

And there are other options too! Take the new smaller battery version of the VW ID.4. Sure, you only get around 210 miles per charge. But the ID.4 is larger and roomier. But it also starts at $37 500 and is eligible for the federal rebate. Again, it could start at well under $30 000 for many. If the range isn’t enough, the larger battery model starts at around $43 000 .

That’s just right now. By late next year, the Chevrolet Equinox EV will be out. (that guy will create headaches for a lot of the competition) while maybe not be available for $30 000, very well-equipped versions could still be under $40 000. And again, that’s before any federal and state incentives. I mean, even the larger Blazer EV is almost the same price before incentives at around $42 000 to start.

The 2023 Niro is a cute little car. I do like it. But that EV version could have a tough life…

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