2023/24 Genesis G70; new illustrations…

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The Genesis G70 came out in 2017. And already got a mid-cycle facelift in 2020.

Now, we get these new illustrations of a possible 2nd facelift for the compact sports sedan. While the 2020 revision looked great, this would really push the limit. These stretched-out lights just look really weird on the smaller sedan. Although something like this is OK on the much larger new G90, it just doesn’t fit on the existing 5-year-old G70 design.

I guess Genesis is spending pretty much all of its R&D budget on EVs these days. And a 5-year-old ICE sedan isn’t a priority anymore. It will probably be replaced by a sleep electric sedan within a couple of years. Maybe something that looks like a 4 door version of the great X Speediumm Coupe concept from last year.

For now, the G70 will just age. Gracefully or not…

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  1. This would be a serious mistake by Genesis imo. The only revision I would like to see, is the addition of the HAG 2.5T in the base G70, just like the base Stinger GT-Line received in it's last refresh. The exterior of the current G70, although conservative in profile, looks much better than those illustrations.

  2. agreee with you, Vince! The front and huge side stretched lights do not work on this smaller vehicle. The rear Is actually better, I think out of the 3 G70 designs, this one works the best.. hopefully they kept the amber turn and separate red brake / tail lights. Not Sure why many luxury car manufacturers dumb down their rear lights and combine the turn/tail/brake light into a single one

    FFEMT6 said, a 2.5l as a base engine would be a nice addition, especially if they can keep the price the same.

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