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This is a cool official video of the all-new 2024 Chevrolet Trax. The version shown is the top-of-the-line Activ model. Although looking a bit like an off-road vehicle it is only offered with FWD.

I think, no matter what, this is a very nice-looking car/hatchback/crossover/SUV thingy. The price is pretty fantastic too. While the base model will start at $21 500, the Activ version in the video starts at $25 000. (optional sunroof is shown)

Quite amazing pricing for such a nice-looking car.

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  1. I think the bases prices for the different trims on the new Trax are fantastic, but I hope Chevy isn’t going to try selling loaded versions for $30k or something.

  2. Weird that the Trailblazer came out just above the previous Trax, was a bit larger yet cost just about the same.. and now the new Trax moves above the Trailblazer in terms of size, but will be priced cheaper? WTF is GM doing?

  3. Its weird that the Trailblazer is just above in size, costs about the same and just came out (two MY ago -23’s are out and 24’s are being shown) ??? Not crazy at all, and GM is smart in this… they’re moving that Trax up size-wise, but it lost AWD. Just wait for the revised MMC for the Trailblazer – AWD, features, and PRICE will all take a nice sized step up. That’s WTF GM is doing. And its well played.

  4. The Trailbazer will probably follow the trend of “AWD only” very soon. I suspect the cheapr FWD model will be going away. Making more room for the new FWD-only Trax. I think the Trax could be quite a hit, competing with low-end crossovers and even small sedans like the Civic . (Which just went up inprice by getting rid of the LX model)

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