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There seem to be a few rumors about a replacement for the aging (but still cute) Fiat 500X these days. Which wouldn’t be too early since the current generation was introduced back in 2014.

Sales have gone from pretty bad to horrible in the US. From 12 599 in 2016 to 1181 last year. 1181! And that’s the only model left to be sold under the Fiat brand in the US!

Things are so bad I’m not even sure what Stellantis could actually do to revive the Fiat brand in the US. They’re not selling the cool new 500EV. And they seem to have nothing else coming out soon. Except for this 500X replacement. Whatever the name might be.

It would of course be based on an existing platform and would keep R&D costs way down.

But, at least in the US, it might just be too late to keep Fiat alive…

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  1. Fiat will launch two new models in Europe in 2023, the B-SUV (heir to the 500X) based on the PSA platform used by Peuguot 2008 / Opel Mokka, and a segment car B. Rumors report a probable arrival in the US of the electric 500.

  2. Let me just say, Sergio Marchionne was an absolute disaster. There really isn’t any future for Fiat, because Marchionne’s plan was ungrounded and lacked any understanding of the American market:
    1. Split off Ram Trucks from Dodge
    2. Replace Dodge cars with Fiat cars.
    3. Replace Chrysler cars with Alfa Romeo cars.
    4. Sell off Ferrari.

    He did this strictly to consolidate his power by playing to the vanity of Fiat in Italy. The real savior of (now) Stellantis is the Jeep brand, Chrysler vans, Dodge-Ram trucks. Fiat and Alfa could exit tomorrow and no one would notice. And, I argue, they should.

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