2024 Kia EV9: a look inside…

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The top photo is so far the best look we’ve had of the new Kia EV9 dashboard.

As you can see, it is very different, of course, from last year’s concept. Although no one seriously expected anything close.

It’s actually hard to tell anything from the spy shot, except the steering wheel design. Being it we can see the usual large wide screen. The screen corner we see on the console is probably from a computer used in the prototype.

Th eEV9 will be a rare bird when it comes out. As it may be the first electric 3-row SUV on the market.

Kia unveiled plenty of photos of a prototype wearing very little camouflage a while ago. The wait shouldn’t be long now. Maybe we could see it at the Los Angeles Auto Show? A year after the concept?

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  1. First 3 row EV Vince? Are you forgetting about the Rivian R1S or ignoring it intentionally?

  2. Doesn’t the Model X offer 3 rows? Even the Model S did (if you count the reverse-facing jump seats)

  3. Rivivan has 3rd row if I’m not mistaken. Unless you mean first 3rd row EV SUV in its class? But base in little information we are getting the EV9 has available camera mirrors that alone makes it priced around Rivivan territory.

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