Buick GL8 Century: The craziest new Buick.

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The Buick GL8 has been around since 1999. In China.

It has been a very popular model for Buick over there, (Over 170 000 sold last year alone) and what we see here is the new 4th generation called the GL8 Century. Which seems to be quite a luxurious package.

The top-of-the-line Century model includes this big-screen TV and a new Bose “Executive Edition” sound system. It includes 21 speakers. Some are part of the rear seats as you can see in the photo above. These seats actually remind me of something from “2001 a Space Odyssey”. Or some futuristic NASA design.

Buick doesn’t offer anything close to this level of luxury in the US. I wonder if that cool/weird-looking sound system would be offered here in future models. Like the next generation Enclave?

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  1. It’s been on sale in China since 1999? Wow I was under the impression Buick was a more “recent” addition to the Chinese market.

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