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The Honda UR-V is better known under the Avancier name. I remember writing about this cr years ago. It is a Chinese-market Honda Crossover, based on the Honda Accord. A few years ago, when Honda had mentioned the return of the Passport in the US as a new 5-seater SUV, I thought it meant the Avancier was coming to the US.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. As the US Passport turned out to be a shorter, 5-passenger version of the Pilot.

I guess Honda is finally redesigning the Avanicer in China (The current generation date from 2016).

Again, this is something we’ll never see over here. Unless maybe this time it is an actual preview of a new Passport? Could I be wrong twice??

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  1. In China, its listed as a midsize – but those are very different classifications on size than we have here. So, that might be why its confused with being a Pilot/Accord sized vehicle. I’ve seen it written thats its Pilot based. Its not.

    The UR-V and Avancier are derivatives of the Honda CRV that just ended production here, but with the 1.5Lturbo or 2.0Lturbo AWD engine choices. The Avancier has a more coupe style but the real reason it looks different is that Honda has TWO manufacturing partners in China: The Avancier is sold by Guangqi, the CR-V by Dongfeng, which have separate dealerships and target customers.

  2. It’s the 2nd gen WR-V, which is currently sold in India and Brazil.
    So it will be about the size of Toyota Raize, small crossover first sold in Japan.
    The same size as Hyundai Venue, which is available in the US.

  3. @Kris – the WR-V is a smaller vehicle based on a raised Honda Fit we had here in the US (not the current updated one we didn’t get). It is not related to the CR-V/Avancier/UR-V, which are all the previous 10thgen Civic-based. That keeps the costs down for India/Brazil customers.

  4. Yes you are wrong, it’s the Honda WR-V which will held world premiere debut in Indonesia on Wednesday 2 October 2022

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