2023 Honda Accord: more photos…

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These photos of the 2023 Honda Accord show the top-of-the-line Touring model. Which now comes only as a hybrid.

I was wrong in my previous post when I mentioned it came with black wheels. What honda refers to as “19-inch Gloss Black” wheels are actually silver with black accents. Or black with silver accents. Which isn’t as bad (to me) as the full black wheels they seem to put everywhere these days.

The light interior is quite nice. Even if too close to the Civic’s. And again, I think it’s a great move to have the hybrid system standard in most versions. I also think the base LX model could be killed by the end of next year. (Just like the Civic LX for 2023)Leaving the EX the only version with the 1.5 Liter Turbo.

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  1. I think the interior is quite nice also. Though you think they could have integrated the infotainment system a bit better. But all and all a nice job. I think it will age well.

    Also, isn’t this similar to what Volvo did, where the come up with a great interior design and the use the same (or close to the same design) across all the various models?

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