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This new video from Toyota will answer any questions you might have about the all-new Toyota Prius Prime. Except for its price.

All the new tech, features, equipment, versions, and colors available are here. Unlike the regular Prius, it seems the Prime interior will only be available in all black with red accents on the seats. Which is pretty bad. At least the hybrid offers a light grey alternative. Forcing people into an all-black interior might save a few bucks, but could turn off quite a few potential buyers. I personally could never buy a car with an all-black interior. For a few reasons. And I know I’m not the only one.

Otherwise, the new Prius Prime looks like a great car. Glass roof, hatchback, 57MPG after a rumored 42 miles range. Plus it looks great inside and out.

What’s not to love?

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  1. Love it, but was hoping for a 50-60 mile range. If a Volvo s60 recharge can get 40, the Prius should be doing a lot better

  2. I don’t think they would make the Prius a BEV since they started the Bz4x on the TNGA-E platform vs the Prius TNGA-C, we can expect some Bz sedan to cover that. I’m sure the 42 miles of range is costs with a much smaller battery, the Prime historically was a $1300 bump in cost compared to the regular hybrid.

    It’s good to see traffic jam assist now getting added to the Toyota line, (I’m sure the Crown will have this too), but so far reviews have said it’s very nagging and gives you no grace for not looking forward which doesn’t sound relaxing

  3. The 2022 Prius starts at $25 075 (L.Eco model) $26 3285 for the LE
    Prius Prime LE is $28 770 (No L model available on Prime)

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