2024 Toyota Prius: official teasers…

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Toyota just released a few teasers about a new Hybrid model. Only mentioning “hybrid reborn”. But we all know what it is, don’t we? As I mentioned yesterday, this is the all-new 2024 Prius!

The November 16th date does match the info I had yesterday. Being just one day before the Los Angeles Auto Show press day, I do expect the new Prius to be shown at the L.A Show next week.

Between the spy shots we’ve seen recently and the teasers, the new Prius is shaping up to be a really slick-looking car. Someone in the comments yesterday mentioned the Mirai transformation for the 2nd generation. And it looks like the new Prius will have a similar metamorphosis. It could really become one of the most attractive cars of the next year. Let’s hope they also announce the PHEV model on the same day. As I had previously seen dates for January and March. But these could be production dates or on-sale dates.

Quite a weird feeling to be excited about a Prius…

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  1. That could be great! I sincerely hope it becomes more competitive, as you mentioned a longer EV range and higher mileage – if that’s possible. The biggest improvements honestly would be making it slightly wider, giving a decent interior (including no more center dashboards) that doesn’t look like the discount bin at your local Walmart, and a multilink rear suspension. Prius could be the giant (Tesla) slayer as more people get sick of their build quality, their customer service, and their CEO.

  2. I’m shocked at this point that it isn’t PHEV standard. Otherwise is pretty old tech that they have perhaps refined just a little bit more (and provide an option to the seeming unobtainable RAV4 Hybrid and PHEV).

  3. Toyota is just making “fillers” (vehicles like BZ and hybrids) until solid-state batteries hit the market within 10 years. Once this happens Toyota will gain dominance.

  4. I hope they use the extra horsepower from the electric motor to transform the Prius into a more sporting vehicle. There are few things on this Earth more miserable than being stuck behind a Prius driver “hypermiling” below the speed limit.

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