Tesla Model 3: redesigned in 2023…

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According to Reuters, Tesla is planning significant changes to the Model 3 sedan next year. Under the codename “Project Highland”

The Model 3 started production in July 2017. By the time the revised model comes out, it will be 6 years old. Which is in line with other manufacturers’ redesign schedules.

The article doesn’t mention the extent of the redesign. Last year, Tesla updated the Model S and X without actually redesigning the car. Most of the visual changes were inside. With a brand-new interior. And especially, the standard yoke steering wheel.

While the Model 3 and Model Y could use a new interior, the yoke would be a disaster. The 3 and Y are much more popular than the S and X. And forcing the yoke as standard equipment on the super popular Model 3 would surely not be a good move for sales. (Tesla doesn’t want to offer options since it complicates the manufacturing process) As many people just wouldn’t buy any car without a normal steering wheel.

The article mentions that Tesla is looking to simplify the manufacturing process and increase profitability. Which is already much higher than any other manufacturer. So basically, the “redesign” seems to be a way to make even more money. Not necessarily a better car: “One focus of the redesign codenamed “Highland” is to reduce the number of components and complexity in the interior of the Model 3 while focusing on features that Tesla buyers value, including the display”.

That sounds like even fewer physical controls. And an even larger display to me. The current interior is already overly simple, even bare. (How can they simplify it without making it look super cheap?) That doesn’t seem to be something that would bring new customers to Tesla. Since the vast majority of people do prefer some physical controls in their cars. Sure, most of these people who bought a Model 3 a few years ago would be interested in getting something new. But I’m not sure what’s mentioned so far about the project “Highland” will attract more people to the brand.

On top of that, the Tesla brand name is slowly being tarnished by Elon Musk himself. Day after day.

There is also the Model Y. Which has the exact same interior as the Model 3. And could look like old news as soon as the new 3 comes out. Tesla refreshed the S and X at the same time last year. Could they do the same with the 3 and Y?

And another thing. Will the new 3 finally get a proper hatchback?

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  1. Just like with Twitter, Musk doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore with Tesla. If any of what you are reporting is true, this will be a disaster for Tesla. The current 3 already reeks of cheapness, I can’t imagine how much worse it will get.

  2. A car that many would consider as their first EV is now a no-sale for many because of the buffoon in charge of the company.

  3. I wouldn’t say he’s a Buffoon, he is an alien in a human body; Zuckenberg is also part of Musk’s species. Just look at that guy. The simple truth is that when you have too much money you do stupid things.
    As for the Model 3, it will be cheap in that it will mostly like be built with more of the Giga Press. This will prevent open seams and gaps on the outside. This also means fewer workers involved…to make mistakes.

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