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If you’ve never heard of Togg, you’re not alone.

I had seen some prototypes before, but nothing that claimed to be production ready, or even close.

Togg is a new brand from Turkey. I don’t know much about Turkey’s car industry, but I know they make the Ford Transit Connect. They also build locally for Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Renault. Over 1.3 million vehicles were produced there in 2015.

Now they are pushing their own brand called Togg. Actually, most of the push is from “president/dictator” Erdogan. With recent quotes like these:

“- We’ve completed the TOGG project despite all obstacles & criticisms & disdains .This environment-friendly factory has everything to produce cars. TOGG will decrease Türkiye’s trade deficit by $7B, provide jobs to thousands of citizens”. (this all sounds like what a cartoonish paranoiac dictator would say doesn’t it?)

If these cars actually look pretty decent, it’s all because of Pininfarina. Which is the company responsible for the resigns. It seems the SUV has 2 different front ends. The big grille obviously looks like a regular ICE model. But apparently, all these are EVs. I also think the SUV looks better than the upcoming VinFast VF8. (Which already looks old to me). And the sedan looks pretty nice too. A bit like the new Toyota BZ3.

Not many specs yet, but they are targeting a 350 miles range. The price could be quite an issue since it is rumored to start at $50 000 to $55 000. This is not only pretty expensive for a brand that doesn’t really exist yet, but it’s also out of reach for the vast majority of Turkish citizens…

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  1. Well said about Erdogan Vince. He smokes some good stuff it seems. Nice looking cars though. Pininfarina is hired by anyone nowadays and they could be by any design company, nice looking but not unique.

  2. Nice looking. But I’ll bet its quite small. This is kind of what I’d expected the Honda Accord and CRV to look like – modern but classic proportions – before all the reveals started popping up (and then they showed them. hmm… ). Still, I’m not sure I’d purchase a TOGG even if it came to the US. I know what the Transit Connect is like reliability-wise.

  3. The design is very nice. Many Turks were invited to go to Germany after WWII to rebuild large cities. Many remained and those that have worked in many of the large German auto plants. You will even find second-generation Turks working in these plants today. With the rise of TOGG and other Turkish automotive-related and bus plants becoming popular (Temsa buses are very common in Manhattan) will they remain in Germany?

  4. i like the more mellow front end suv looking one…. the sedan is really nice…..seems nice…. looks more like Lincoln’s

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