2023 Honda CR-V: Vs. Honda Breeze.

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For years, Honda has been selling a different version of the CR-V in China called the Breeze. With a new CR-V out for 2023, there is now a new, redesigned Breeze as well.

As usual, the Breeze has a different front end. Which isn’t just the grille, lights, and bumpers, since the fenders and hood have also been redesigned. For an overall much cleaner look than our CR-V. Getting rid of the huge obnoxious trucky grille is a great idea.
The Breeze is also getting a redesigned rear end. Which doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement over our CR-V.

The interior seems exactly the same. Except for a really nice panoramic roof. Something that is still not available in the US, and has been for many years on Honda models around the world. But the most ridiculous feature seems to be the 3rd-row seats. At least on the photo above, it shows zero legroom available. I mean it doesn’t look like there’s even an inch.

I guess this is strictly for car seats?

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  1. Interior also gets a fully digital instrument panel and ventilated seats according to that pic, neither of which Honda gives us in the CR-V in addition to the panoramic roof. Come on, Honda.

  2. I havent seen the new CRV in the flesh yet, but I gotta ask… does the North American CRV have the same profile and front overhang as seen here on the Breeze? Holy smoke, that looks ridiculously like a foot of crush depth. I wish they had decided to make it look upmarket if its going to be priced upmarket. That interior -sheesh! it looks bargain-hunted.

  3. While I don’t dislike the Breeze design, the CR-V’s front clip looks beefier, more attractive, and is clearly meant for the body-type.

    The Breeze seems like they attempted to graft the global HR-V’s design elements on the CR-V’s body. It’s not ugly but it’s not successful.

  4. okay so ya that seems like a very large front over hang…. front end is okay on either of them….

    backend…. i sort of like the straight line in the boot, but that makes me wish it was a split-gate like the X5 still is, which is awesome…. as for the interior, i know that those amazing panaromic roofs are up north in Canada… we just don’t get them in US market… so lame.

    interior wise…. ya i have a mixed view…. for the price tag, it shouldn’t be so busy next to the gear shifter, and seeing open ports out and visible like that aren’t awesome to me…..

    complete lcd dash is cool….. not sure how i feel about the tablet

    HVAC is clean… but sort of annoying since that’s what we’ve seen since 2017 when the Accord came out… just sayin

  5. The Breeze is going for the Toyota Truck look of a few years ago. Honda in the North America is trying for a corporate face. Whether you like it or not, that face is black with large grill openings. The Breeze front end is not modern and is a ripoff of a 7th Gen Toyota Hilux in some markets.

    Thank God, Honda USA doesn’t force that stupid sun roof on this market.

  6. Why do we get the most generic wheel design on this new model. The current Breeze and previous North American CRV’s got decent designs. No fog lights, half digital instrument panel, no panoramic moonroof??? Charging as if these options were in the CRV now. The Accord gets a full instrument cluster and a 12.3 head unit. I guess Honda is too worried about over optioning in North America because it would cut into Acura too much??

  7. Vince, I’ve been a loyal of Hondas, specially the CRV. I traded a 2022 for a 2022 Subaru Forester Limited with Rear Emergency Brake Assist, and top of the line radio (so so). I love the Forester.
    I was really eager waiting for the new CRV, with all the hype and what not BUT, it is pretty much the same outgoing model. Same powertrain, and few tweaks here in there.
    I was actually waiting for a Hybrid model but then I was able to see an EX model (non hybrid) and the sticker price was around $33K, plus another $4K from a markup from the stealership.
    What a POS, really. Honda even took out the rear vents, and the really cheap cloth seats, pure entry level at its worse.
    So I happily ordered a 2023 Forester Wilderness and is arriving next week, all the way from Japan, and the price, after Subaru owner loyalty and -$1K for being a first responder, it was even cheaper than the new CRV.
    I’m sorry but I feel that between Honda getting cheap, old powertrain, plus the extra fees from the stealerships, it was not worth it. And they lose me as a customer.

    Vince, Thanks for the good work you do with the website.

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